BIRC 2001

Birmingham Indoor Arena, Sunday 18th November 2001

The Rowing Service

Full results and pictures are being uploaded to the Concept 2 UK website during the day's racing.

Live-written reports on this webpage will be shown in reverse race order.

Earlier races now archived separately so that this page remains small.

Race 30: M30-34 Hwt, Heat 2 As we come to the last race of the day, the line up includes Colin Greenaway, Nik Fleming, Chris Rushton and Tony Larkman, who will most likely make up the front runners here.

Matthew Cape takes first honours, leading from Nik Fleming over the first hunderd metres. Now it's Chris Rushton's turn to lead the field, before being overtaken by Nik. Splits of 1:29s all around of the leaders of hte pack. Matthew Cape in third with Tony Larkman in fourth, starting to move away from Colin Greenaway. Coming up to half way now, it's still Rushton and Fleming swapping the lead every few strokes. Tony Larkman in third, trying to pick up to the top two. Two top still neck and neck, with Rushton looking to have the upper hand. Now Greenaway comes into place, currently in fifth, but closing quickly. Still Rushton and Fleming, next to each other, keep looking at each other splits, but Larkman in third is splitting better than both. Greenaway now in fourth, but a way back. 500m left to go, and it's Rushton over Fleming. Larkman really flying now, splitting under 1:30, and could take both of them. Now into the last 300m, and Rushton is keeping in front of Fleming, with Larkman now right behind Fleming. Rushton pushes again, and Larkman takes second now, no one close to these top three. Larkman runs out of course, with Rushton holding first and Fleming in third. Times were 5:57.5 for Rushton, Larkman 5:58.8 and Fleming with 5:59.3. Amazing finish to a close race; in fourth Christopher Brett came through with 6:07.3.

Race 29: M30-34 Hwt, Heat 1 First heat in this catagory with the faster heat to come. Off the start we have a blanket pack, with only a few meters separating the field. Mark Barfoot just in the lead from Eric Ehlers, and Graheme Hill in second. Now Barfoot faded now, with Ehlers leading now, pulling 3 seconds faster split from the rest. He's now got handy lead over the rest, led by John Anthony. Michael Whittaker moves into fourth, with Jeff Wettlaufer in third. 600m to go, and Ehlers moves right away, looking very strong over the rest. Anthony dropping back a bit, as we move into the last 500. Ehlers now find it tough, and his lead drops a bit, before he now puls it back to 1:33. Nigel Robson moves into third place, but Wettlaufer isn't giving up in fourth place. Ehlers into the last 200m, split 1:36, with John Anthony chasing with 1:30, closing on Ehlers, but only with 50m to go. Wettlaufer's coming back now, but Ehler finishes in 6:16.7, Anthony second in 6:17.9 and Wettlaufer managed to overtake Robson to finish in third place in 6:21.1. With the top guns in the next race looking to break 6 minutes, these times won't be good enough for a medal.

Race 28: M35-39 Hwt, Heat 2 Martin Andrews out first, but gives overtaken by Robin Brew who now leads from Craig Barstow with Michael O'Mahony currently in third. Neal Ridge just sneaks into third, with just over half way to go. Brew is faltering in the lead, splits rising as he pays for early speed. Barstow closing on first place, with split of 3 seconds faster, now takes the lead at 800 to go. Back in third and fourth we've got Ridge and O'Mahony in third and fourth respectively. Now Ridge goes past Brew to take second place, Barstow in the lead at 1:33 split, being matched by Ridge in second. Into the last 500m for the race leaders. Brew drops down the leader board; whilst Ridge in second is using his long arms to get a huge reach at the catch. Starting to find it hard though, so still Barstow in the lead. Now O'Mahony moves in to second, with Andrew Sangster in fourth, trying to move into third. Barstow wins it in 6:08.4, Ridge second with 6:15.0. Just in the last 100m Robert Alderson put in a burst to come through into third place in 6:17.0, pushing Sangster fourth in 6:17.8. Correction here; it was O'Mahony who got second place, with Ridge dropping down the leaderboard as he faded into the line. So that's Barstow, O'Mahony, Alderson, Sangster for the final positions in this catagory.

Just been announced that Oxford have won both the women's college event and men's college events, and being awards prizes by a grinning ex-Oxford rower, Andrew Lindsay.

Other team winners are the juniors; women's junior team winners are King's School Worcester, men's junior winners are Radley.

Race 27: M35-39 Hwt, Heat 1 John O'Grady pulling 1:33s streaks off into the lead; with a projected time of 6:34 he may pay for this later. Paul Neal now pushes into third with Haffenden now in front of O'Grady. Rik Yapp moves into fourth, with Haffenden going steadilty away from the pack. Neal now into second, O'Grady slipping to third now. Just over half way now, with Neal looking secure in second place, with Yapp into third ahead of O'Grady - 5 seconds difference in the slip there. Best splits are 1:38-1:37 from the top two, Haffenden and Neal. Yapp pushing into these two, with Haffenden starting to fade a litte. Haffenden is away from the field, but his technique is a little waywards, with hands going up over the knees on the recovery. Chris Grant has moved into fourth now, trying to get on touch with Yapp. Neal closes on Haffenden, with Yapp closing on Neal. Only 200m left, with the top of the leaderboard all closing up. Neal splitting 7seconds lower than Haffenden, he may just take the lead - yes, he's just made it, with 20m left to row, a really tight finish on this race. Looks like Yapp put in a major push there at the finish and took both Neal and Haffenden to take first place, although the faster second heat still to come before medals are decided. Conformation now, we have Rik Yapp with 6:26.4, Neal with 6:26.5, Gary Haffenden third with 6:26.6 and Chris Grant with 6:26.7 just missing out on fourth place. Cracking stuff there, a great finish. However, with the Championship record held by a certain S. Redgrave at 5:51.1, they have a little way to go before challenging that.

Race 26: M40-44 Hwt, Heat 2 George Gillies leads from the start, ahead of John Dixon, who has a very spririted pack on his heals challenging for third. We've got Phil Brown, Shawn Thrower and Russel Lloyd all close, with Marcus Harvey and Sean Tunney aiming to join them. Still Gillies out in front, with Dixon undersplitting him, and starting to close on the lead. Gillies knows how close Dixon is to him, and these two are starting to drop everyone else. Tunney moves into third place, but hasn't got a big gap behind him. Marcus Harvey has stopped; looks like he's having a few problems there. Dixon now moves into the lead with 700m to go, Tunney still in third, but there's a big gap between second and third. Nothing in it for third place. Dixon really pilling it on now, moving right away from Gillies. Dixon has 300m to go, splitting 1:29 with a 40m lead. Tunney's dropped into fifth, with Brown and Lloyd neck and neck for third and fourth place. Dixon looking really good for a new championship record, Brown trying to get into third place, but Lloyd currently has the upper hand. Very close on the line for third fourth and fifth, but Dixon takes the win with 6:04.9, Gillies second with 6:13.8, Brown and Lloyd with 6:16 and they're sorting out the final result as we speak. On the clock, Lloyd got 6:16.1, with Brown with 6:16.6, Lloyd taking it in the last few seconds of the race. John Dixon set a new British 40-49 and new Championship record with that result, beating Andy Ripley's British record of 6:06.3.

--> Race 25: M45-49 Hwt, M40-44 Hwt Heat 1 William Riley leads the way over the first few hundred, with Alistair Asher following him and opening up a gap over the field. Now they swap the lead stroke by stroke, with Andrew Millar and Carl Clinton in third and fourth. Asher, Riley, Millar still sit in the lead, all in the 45H class. Asher over Riley still lead the field a few metres apart, with Millar just infront of a chasing pack. Wayne Howards is in that chasing pack, sitting fifth, with a interesting style - bent arms before that catch, but he's clearly strong. Millar is closing on Riley for second, with Asher still out in front. Milar takes second, with 550m to go, with Asher 40m in front of second.

Race 24: MU23 Hwt This is the second heat, so Shannon, Kadinopoulos and Matheson need to watch out: their times are under threat. To add a bit of spice, the organisers have not only alternated five OUBC/CUBC oarsmen on the top ergs, but they are busy showing footage of last year's Boat Race to give a bit of added motivation. Off they go, and first to show is Luke McGee, with Steve Rowbotham in second place and Peter Fields pushing through both of them. 400 gone, Fields is on 1:24, leading Rowbotham and McGee neck and neck on 1:25 split. Alex Partridge moving past Ben Clare into fourth, but Fields is streaking ahead now, and has over 30 metres on Rowbotham and McGee. Nearly half way, Fields out in front, now splitting 1:29, everyone else above 1:30. McGee in second, Rowbotham in third, Alex McGarel-Grove coming into fourth as McGee looks to be in trouble. Ben Clare now coming back into contention, McGee picks up again and goes back into second, still Fields ahead with 500 to go, by a clear few seconds. Into the last stretch, it's Fields from McGee, Rowbotham and Clare, Clare starting to close, into third, Fields still at 1:29, McGee on 1:26, but may be too far away, Rowbotham fading into fourth now. Fields finishes in 5:52.2, a new British record, and promptly collapses off his erg as the rest finish. Silver is 5:55.3 for McGee, bronze 5:58.8 for Clare, and while Rowbotham is fourth in 6:00.6. Honours even for Leander, OUBC and CUBC there.

Race 23: MU23 L They're halfway through, Tom Johnson has led from the start, followed by Jesse Elzinga, and both lead Ian McCaig and Alisdair Stuart. There is a big pack for fourth, but at the moment the two top places are well in control. Elzinga moves past Johnson with 750 to go, and McCaig sits in third, by a short head. Elzinga moving away with 1:33 split, Johnson having trouble at 1:37, then he starts to pull it back. Elzinga now 25 metres up, with 450 to go, Johnson holding back McCaig, but Elzinga is putting in a tremendous performance. Chris Goodwin of Notts Uni goes past McCaig into bronze position with 250 to go, and Elzinga cruising as Goodwin closes on Johnson. Here come the last few strokes: Elzinga takes gold, Johnson silver, as Elizinga immediately stands up looking not at all bothered, and Goodwin holds onto bronze. Times Elzinga 6:16.2, Johnson 6:22.2, Goodwin 6:24.1.

Men's Open Further Results Going back to the earlier race, we had a Rowing Service reporter sitting on the floor in front of Garbett and Cracknell's ergs during their epic Open heat. Pinsent's face was obscured a bit of the time by over-eager cameramen anxious to catch every drip of sweat (literally!), but we managed to get a feel for what was going on in that battle of the Titans. Pinsent and Cracknell had known that the latter would go off harder, and the former find a better finish, but their main plan was to avoid driving each other into the ground and letting someone else take the title. Coach Jurgen Grobler, asked beforehand who he thought would win, refused to bet, but said both could go under 5:50: good times for this early in the season.
So, off they blasted, P&C whizzing off immediately. In the first minute their splits went like this: 1:25.5, 1:22.9, 1:21.4, 1:20.3, 1:19, 1:18 - how many would kill for splits like that? Anyway, they settled neck and neck, then James inched away over the second quarter of the race, as both established a massive lead over the chasing pack, led by Tom Westerling. They were still deadsplitting at two minutes gone, but Crackers was starting to slightly edge forward with a better technique, picking the wheel up earlier. 1100 to go, still neck and neck, splitting 1:21.1, then the rest, as commentated on, was thrilling. Cracknell stuffed in a deliberate huge move from 750-250 to go, aiming to neutralise Pinsent's staggeringly hard finish, but then saw Pinsent's position moving closer metre by metre as the last 100 approached. Up went the Pinsent rate, JC unable to match him, and the lead swapped on the line. It was five minutes before anyone thought to tell Pinsent that he had won...

Race 22: MU23 H Andrew Shannon shows first, with Ben Kadinopoulos in second. Kevin Watson moves into third, with average split of about 1:30 at the minute. First 400m gone, and it's still Shannon in the lead from Kadinopoulos, with Watson from Andy Matheson for the third place. The top three splitting 1:32, holding position with 600m gone. Watson is creeping up towards second place, with Nick Tuppen in fourth from Matheson. Shannon moves into a better lead as Watson and Kadinopoulos battle for second - even at the minute., Shannon is really pulling long, leaning right back similar to Andy Ripley earlier in the day. Watson just sneaks into second place now, with 800m to go. Shannon has about 15m on the battle for second place. Kadinopoulos moves back into second, and trys to move on Shannon. Splits sliding to 1:33-1:34, but still the first three. Matheson moves back into fourth, but gets overtaken by Tom Broadway. 200m to go, Shannon uncatchable, Kadinopoulos is a solid second, but Broadway and Matheson racing for third. Shannon starts to falter, with Kadinopoulos chasing hard, but Shannon holds on to first, Kadinopoulos second, with Matheson making third place on the line. Andrew Shannon 6:08.7, Ben Kadinopoulos 6:09.2 and Andy Matheson 6:10.4 make the first three. Matheson making the placings by less than a second. Note that these are the first heat winners only: race 24 will see another bunch of competitive pullers in action.