BUSA Rowing Regatta 2001

The Rowing Service

Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham
April 28 / 29

The BUSA Rowing Regatta entry has grown rapidly since the student event was separated from its original host Regatta, Nottingham City, where until 1993 the UAU Regatta was allocated a two-hour slot in the Notts City racing programme.

Entry profile

1994	1995	1996	1997	1998	1999	2000
Championship (1st)	 53	 73	 74	115	109	141	133
Junior (2nd)		 52	 56	 52	 62	 65	 57	 77
Novice (3rd)		 --	 39	 70	120	120	134	144

Total Crews		105	168	196	297	310	326	354

In 1999 & 2000 the BUSA Regatta additionally hosted the ARA Womens Inter Regional Championships, allowing space within the BUSA programme to accommodate this event. In 2000, 125 races were scheduled at 5-minute intervals, from 8:30 am to 7:35pm, with a short "catch-up" interval. Given the large number of very raw crews involved in their first Regatta, such a schedule is hard to maintain, in fact no other multi-lane event even attempts it, even with vastly more experienced crews. Any time-tabled "gap", traditionally disappears, giving competitors and officials no break from a highly exhausting eleven-hour schedule. This cannot continue if we are to provide safe and fair racing, and rely upon volunteer support.

The BUSA Regatta has also not provided equitable events for Men and Women, and in line with NGB policy we will be adding Womens Championship Coxless Fours to the schedule this year. With a growing focus on "Juniors sculling" now coming through to the University sector, we have decided to also offer Mens and Womens Quad Sculls in 2001. It is possible that the winners of the quads will join the Eights and Single Sculls champions at an inaugural European University Champions regatta planned in Nantes, France in September, although this event has NOT yet been confirmed, and further information will be made available as it emerges from France.

The events thus on offer for BUSA Regatta 2001 will be

Champ	M8, W8, M4-, W4-, M4x, W4x M4+ W4+ M2x W2x M2- W2- M1x W1x
Junior	M8, W8, M4+, W4+, M2-, W2-, M1x, W1x
Nov	M8, W8, M4+, W4+, M1x, W1x

Champ 14		Junior 8	 	Novice 6	 Total 28 events.

BUSA Overall Rowing Championship points are also awarded for places 1-6 in all finals as follows: Champ 18-13pts, Junior 12-7pts, Novice 6pts-1pt.

The ARA Senior Inter-Regional Championships 2001 will also be hosted on Saturday April 28. This may offer opportunities for students to compete for their Regional team on Saturday, and for their University on Sunday (or even on both days) should they so chose, previously not possible for those racing and already "doubling-up" in the one day event. It is likely that individual rowers will still be restricted to two events at the BUSA Regatta, although this is open for discussion by BUSA RowCom on Jan 24th.

It is intended that in 2001 the BUSA events will be organised so that crews do not necessarily have to attend for two days, also allowing far greater flexibility of doubling up and equipment- sharing within clubs than was previously possible. Crews will only need to pursue additional accommodation if they opt to race in different events on either day, rather than in one event spread over two days. Whilst this retains the potential of a large number of races per day in some events, it is in line with usual regatta-practice, and retains potential cost-savings to funding institutions (and their boat clubs / members) whilst still offering and encouraging far greater competition.

The indicative event-split for 2001 will be as follows:

Saturday 28th 				Sunday 29th 

Champ		M4-, 4+, 2x, 1x		M8, 4x, 2-
		W8, 4x, 2-		W4-, 4+, 2x, 1x

Junior		M4+, 1x			M8, 2-
		W8, 2-			W 4+, 1x

Novice		M8, 1x			M4+
		W4+			W8, 1x

Provisional Order of Racing for BUSA Finals: Sat CW4x, JW2-, CM1x, MC4-, C4+, JM1x, CW2-, WJ8, WN4+, MN8, MN1x, MJ4+, MC2x, WC8

Sun MC4x, JM2-, CW1x, MC4-, WC4+, JW1x, CM2-, MJ8, MN4+, WN8, WN1x, WJ4+, WC2x, MC8

It may be necessary to revise arrangements in light of any comments received on this, or any other pertinent topic, emailed to Nigel Mayglothling preferably by January 23 so they can be considered by BUSA RowCom on Jan 24th!

In light of current problems with the National Water Sports Centre (30 metre hole in the bank linking course to river at 1Km marker, silt blocking lanes 7-3!!) an option to race on the same dates at the London Docklands course has been taken. Initial reports are that the NWSC will be "repaired and operational" by the end of March, but intending competitors may wish to delay booking accommodation until the BUSA 2001 venue is confirmed at the end of January.

Please feel free to contact me should any further information regarding BUSA Rowing or the BUSA Regatta as required.

Nige Mayglothling
Chair, BUSA Rowing.