Harry Mahon and the Marathon

Harry Mahon runs the Marathon

Harry Mahon, well-known New Zealand rowing coach, ran the London Marathon in April this year.
Below he explains why, and how you can help the causes he ran for.

Page posted March 27th and revised April 9th 1999


"Two years ago I was operated on for bowel cancer and it was discovered that I had liver cancer. A mix of western medicine (chemotherapy treatment) and alternative remedies has been very important in enabling me to live in my normal way. The view you take of your illness is also a major factor in remaining extremely positive and I haven't seen cancer as a burden on me.

Many people have been very supportive of me and some of these I hope to repay from sponsorship for running the London Marathon on 18th April, 1999. Two groups which come into this category are the Frank Ellis Unit in Churchill Hospital, Oxford, and Optimum Health in Nottingham, and I intend to share sponsorship between these.

I have spent quite a few days in the Frank Ellis Unit and the doctors, nurses and staff have to put up with a lot; they are amazingly patient. A donation to them would help provide much-needed equipment and comfort for the patients. Jackie Hodges at Optimum Health has been great at diagnosing and providing me with supplements that complement the hospital treatment. In fact one of these remedies, shark's cartilage, is being trialled successfully in the USA for cancer treatment.

My training programme for the marathon has been based on that of one of the outstanding athletic coaches, and a good friend: Arthur Lydiard (aged 83 and still a fitness freak.) My preparation has been pretty good but has been interrupted by the regular treatment I have received along with coaching and rainy days. I manage about 50 miles per week and this reduces down to 30 when undergoing treatment. I don't think Arthur would see me as ideally trained for the event.....

Update: Harry completed the marathon in around four hours and ten minutes (time to be confirmed): disappointing in some ways since he was hoping to be quicker, but understandable since he had been stricken by a minor virus in the week before the race, and wasn't sure he could do it. He did one hour 41 minutes to half-way but didn't quite have enough stamina to continue the pace. He's intending to run it again next year.....

Harry Mahon.

From Rachel Quarrell, Rowing Service editor:

"When Harry told me he intended to run the Marathon in aid of cancer good causes, I thought this was something that online rowing could help with. Many rowers and scullers around the world have had the benefit of Harry's expert coaching - in some cases it has transformed their rowing careers - and others have just watched his crews, and been impressed by how fast they go.
Here is a chance to give a little bit back to someone who means a lot to the rowing world. Below is a short form for your pledge. You may send a cheque, or a direct transfer. Now a bank account has been set up, and those not in the UK are welcome to arrange a SWIFT transfer or equivalent, direct into the account, for convenience. Please help: your donation will be much appreciated. Thank you." RQ

I would like to sponsor Harry Mahon

My name is:
My phone/email is:
The amount of my donation is:
I will send:
Cheques should be made out to Harry Mahon and sent
c/o King's College School Boathouse, Putney Embankment, London SW15 1LB, UK.

The bank account concerned, if you're making a straight transfer, is Barclays Bank account number 40310018, sort code 20-90-69 and in the name of H. Mahon - London Marathon Account. Your bank should be able to arrange the transfer.

Harry will divide the contributions, some weeks after the race, between his charities.

If you wish to write a message to Harry, it will be delivered to him with the pledges.

Thank you very much indeed.