UK National Championships 2001

The Rowing Service

Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, 20th-22nd July 200

On this page the Rowing Service carried live online commentary during the senior finals of the UK Nat Champs 2001 throughout Sunday 22nd July, from noon.

Races were written in reverse order, ie latest listed first. If you don't see all the finals, hit reload as this page is no longer live-updating.

Men's Eights
Last race of the day, and RQ's back on commentary again while Trev feeds the info about what's happening. The eights started just as the fours were finishing, and we can see Oxford/Isis on terms with NCRA, both a little ahead of Molesey, having passed 500 gone. Oxford have a slight edge, then County, with Molesey leading Leander for third. The Thames and Nautilus crews are not yet in the picture. At halfway, no scores on the board, but we can see OUBC/Isis still leading, Molesey have pushed back on NCRA and perhaps taken second, Leander and the rest still in line. Halfway splits now up confirming that: OUBC/Isis had a three second lead at halfway. However, Molesey have a wicked push in their box, so it's not time to discount them yet. These three still lead as they pass 500 to go, Molesey pushing hard, OUBC/Isis at 38, Molesey at 40, NCRA back in third now, and the gold will be decided between just two boats. Molesey still behind, OUBC/Isis holding them off valiantly, now rating 39, Leander pushing back on NCRA, Molesey going one more time and now nearly level with OUBC/Isis. Molesey up again, OUBC up again, they cross within a couple of feet of each other, and it looks like OUBC/Isis take the gold, Molesey silver, with NCRA clear bronze, open water over Leander, Nautilus and Thames. That has yet to be confirmed: stay online until we check it. Yup, OUBC/Isis gold, Molesey silver 0.11 seconds back.

Women's Coxed Fours
Brookes lead TRC by half a second, with Molesey a further 5s behind them in third. Thames B in lane 5 have Brookes on one side and Thames A on the other, and are being pulled along by those crews. Looks like Brookes and Thames A are very cose for the lead, with a considerable gap to Thames B in third and another gap to Molesey in 4th, but the gap has gone whilst I write and it's very close. Thames A look to have a very slight lead over Brookes. Thames A are rating 35.5 as are Brookes. TRC are leading, but the real race is for Bronze, with Hereford and Birmingham out of the medals. TRC A have two-thirds of a length lad over Brookes, and start their sprint now, rating 38. Brookes go now, still half a length in arrears. The first 2 some way ahead now, TRC A still going. Brookes snag a buoy and catch a crab in the last 10 and make it a long half length to TRC A. Molesey run out to take the bronze by half a length over TRC B, with Hereford and Birmingham bringing up the rear.

Men's Junior Coxed Fours
Looks like Windsor boys are leading George Watson's, but Worscester and Hampton are very close together and moving towards their insides and may run into trouble. Winsdor have a commanding lead as Hampton, Molesey and Pangbourne drop off the pace a bit. Windsor rating 35 lead Worcester at 36 who are pushing hard now. Molesey are just in third with 500m to go. Windsor lead Worcester now by half a length. Molesey have passed Pangbourne and are pushing on. Windsor looking tired rating 38 are still just ahead of Worcester. Pangbourne are coming back on Molesey and have passed Watsons rating 33. Worcester have overlap on Windsor who will win by only a few feet, Molesey hang onto bronze as Pangbourne can't quite get up to them in time, with Watsons fifth and Hampton sixth.

Women's Lightweight Quad Sculls
Rebecca are well clear in this 4-boat straight final. The Welsh squad boat leads but enough rather than lots over MAA who are rating 35. Rebecca look comfortable at 36 with a length of open water. It looks easy and sharp, holding off MAA by a length, with a close call for third for the TSS composite over TRC which comprises scullers who did the doubles earlier.

Men's Lwt Single Sculls
AK Mackworth-Praed slightly ahead of Exeter Stuart and Tidy of Bacon. M-Praed is right over his bowside buoys and in front, rating 32. Stuart rating 33. M-Praed a lngth ahead of Exeter in silver, 3-4 lengths ahead of Tidy of Bacon, with St. Andrews sneaking in underneath us ib the tower here. Stuart of Exeter has actually over-balanced and fallen in after the line, but he isn'nt trouble and is probably wondering how embarrassing it is rather than how cold it is.

Men's single sculls
Trevor writing this as this was my event and Rachel can give objective commentary...the interest in this race will be between Matt Langridge in the favoured lane 6 and Foster in lane 3. Simon Cottle (originally entered in th lightweight event to much amusement, but this proved to be an error by the orgsnisers) is in lane 4. tony Larkman of Moseley, back in sculling after a while, was heard to remark that in his absence the standard has gone up. He has a silver and a bronze in this event so he should know. Quite close in the early stages, Langridge just leading Foster and Cottle. Langridge is the GB junior world's sculler, Foster of course has been competing in the World Cup as GB's second sculler this season. Cottle has unaligned himself but has now corrected. Beard, Cottle and Foster pretty much level. Langridge leading them home in his new boat, a couple of lengths up on a tight race between Beard, Cottle and Foster. Rogers has dropped back a bit now. Cottle is going to cop the launch wash, as will Foster now. Foster has moved ahead of Cottle into second. Languid Langridge is cool in command, rating 28 and watching the race develop. Foster has a bow ahead of Cottle but is not clear yet. Langridge, then Foster, Cottle & Beard close together, quite close laterally too so the umpire has gone off to watch. Quite choopt there, we can't see the buoys from here in the finish tower. With 500 to go, with no scoreboard this race at all, Foster has blown away Cottle and Beard and is established rating 32 ro Langridge's 29. Cottle is at 31, Beard at 30 with Rogers pushing back. Foster is sitting on Cottle and Langridge. Vocla support from the stands as this race comes to the last 250m. Langridge wins, Foster pushing hard but rating 28, Cottle 3rd a length behind Foster. Rogers gets 4th by a foot, fifth was Beard and Larkman bringing up the rear.

Women's junior coxless fours
A whole three crews entered this, and as we're waiting to see how they have started, here's the result from the men's coxless fours race. Gold and silver were obvious, but it turns out Rob Roy held on to bronze from Nautilus, despite almost crabbing on the buoys in the final few strokes. Anyway, back to the racing. We can only see two crews out of three, Bedford not apparently racing. Haberdasher's Monmouth are leading Henley, by more than clear water as they reach halfway. We think that with only two crews racing, just the gold medal will be awarded, so with Henley trailing Haberdasher's the result isn't much in doubt, despite the commentator's attempt to talk up the excitement. Henley are racing very creditably though, over-rating Monmouth by several pips, but the Haberdasher's girls have the win in the bag by more than fourth lengths.

Women's double sculls
Lanes five and six see Hereford A and B in a seat race out at the front, Queen's Tower racing it out with TSS/TRC for third place. As they come to 750 to go, Hereford A are now clearly ahead of Hereford B, who are losing position to QT, claiming second as they go through the final marker. TSS/Thames now pushign through Hereford B also, but they have a long way to go to get QT, who are also a steady distance down on Hereford A. A reversal of form from HWR, where Hereford A were beaten by QT, who then lost to TSS/TRC in the final. Crossing the line, it's Hereford A gold, QT silver, TSS/Thames bronze, Hereford B fourth and then Wallingford and TSS fifth and sixth.

Men's junior double sculls IC/Dulwich College in the lead, in lane six, with a stiffish breeze against them, still partly cross-head. Passing 750 to go, IC/DC hold the lead from Dulwich College and Tiffin, currently banging heads for second place. IC/DC rating 35 wtih 200 to go, Dulwich pulling clear into second place leave Tiffin trailing in third, and the latter being challenged by Windsor Boys B, going for another late sprint just as they did in the quad earlier. IC/DC take gold by a considerable distance, Dulwich take silver as Tiffin and Windsor storm back, Tiffin just half a length down off Dulwich take bronze, and Windsor half a length off the medals in fourth. Burton Leander and Worcester fifth and sixth. It's a great race strategy in principle, Windsor, but you need to go for it just a smidge earlier to get your result...

Women's lightweight coxless fours
Picking this one up at halfway again, and Kingston, Women's Henley winners, are giving IC/QT the nightmare repeat scenario, replaying their Henley final a month ago. This time, though, the multilane course gives IC/QT others to race, and Notts BC are pushing them hard in this straight final, with Wallingford not far back. This is four of the HWR crews, so not much has changed, although Notts, who didn't race IC/QT then, have now pushed through. 500 to go, Kingston well in front, Notts rowing over their strokeside buoys in second place and slowing down, IC/QT holding third and now closing back, Wallingford dropping back. Kingston at 32, IC/QT now tiring rapidly but neck and neck with Notts, IC move it up to 38, Kingston not raising it as these two come close, IC may just hold on to second, Notts can't lift it any more and that may be their undoing. Kingston gold, IC whip silver by about two feet, and Notts have to settle for bronze. It looked clear, but we may have to wait for confirmation. Wallingford back in fourth. Yes, IC got silver, Notts bronze, with the gap between them 0.19 seconds.

Men's Under-23 single sculls
At halfway, Dostal of Notts Uni has a lead, more than clear water, over MacFarlane of Staffs Uni, and Watson of Stirling ABSC (the latter from the Scottish composite quad). Watson has second now at 750 to go, with Hussey of IC ahead of Durham's Porteus, and Walton's Pugh a little way behind. 500 to go, and Watson's push has moved him up to Dostal, just 0.4 secs in it at the markerpoint. Dostal pushes again, moving out once more, and Watson can't counter it, so settles into second. Meanwhile Hussey's challenging MacFarlane for third, but there's still a safe distance. Dostal takes gold, Watson silver, MacFarlane holds off Hussey's monster push to keep bronze, and Pugh sneaks past Porteus on the line to take fifth.

Men's coastal coxed fours
We've got Bournemouth Univ. Alumni in the lead at halfway, over Lymington by less than a length, these two well clear of Shanklin, Ryde and the two BTC fours. The race for third is going to be the big one here, Shanklin apparently ahead of BTC's A crew, but it's not yet finished, and these stubby boats can shift when they start sprinting in earnest. Last few hundred metres, Bournemouth well clear of Lymington, who look unpushed as they watch the rest of the field. Gold to Bournemouth, rating 35, by three lengths from Lymington, with Shanklin and Sandown staying half a length of Ryde, who have come through BTC 'A', BTC 'B' making sixth.

Women's junior single sculls
500 metres down the course, Ralston of Reading, runner-up at HWR, is leading by a second from Johnstone of Cambois and Wycliffe's Bertram, who lost to the eventual HWR winner. Back a little from these three are Stratford's Sat, and Trotman and Johnston from Headington and St. Peter's respectively. This one is difficult to call through the binoculars - the race for first is still tight at halfway. Ralston's at 30 but still doesn't have more than half a length's lead, and it's still Johnstone over Bertram for the minor medals. The other three scullers aren't in contention now, unless somebody makes a mistake, but it's not yet clear who will grab what from the three leaders. Bertram's pushing through, at 500 to go she's trying for the lead now, towing Johnstone through with her as Ralston falters. Ralston rallying, Bertram maybe just through into first, Cambois shoving against the failing Ralston. It's Wycliffe's Bertram gold by 2 lengths, Johnstone of Cambois silver, Ralston of Reading third just half a length back, wtih another hundred metres before Stratford and Headington cross the line, St. Peter's having stopped earlier and now paddling in. A very well-judged race from Bertram, particularly good competitive sculling from all three youngsters, and a row will have taught them all plenty about racing.

Men's coxless fours
Oxford University having it all their way, their Visitor's four of Blues leading Worcester, with Rob Roy and Nautilus competing for third. A few hundred metres to go, and Oxford are more than a length ahead, rating 35, with Worcester rating 37 and giving it everything they can to try and get back towards that gold medal. A close match for third, Rob Roy at 38.5, Nautilus also pushing, this will be very tight as Rob Roy steer over their buoys, that may cost them, and it's on the nod for bronze, will go for a photofinish. Hereford manage to avoid being last by half a length, and that honour goes to Marlow this time. We'll bring you the result of the race for third when it's decided. Rob Roy got it, over Nautilus, although no times were taken for the race.

Lightweight men's coxless pairs
This is the re-row of the race which got to halfway before being abandoned earlier due to a knackered umpire's launch on the course. Leaders with 500 metres to go are NCRA A, comfortably clear of UTRC A, with Clyde well back on them in third. Then NCRA B, Bradford/Northants, and Reading last. They cross the line in that order, NCRA A clear by several lengths, with UTRC taking silver more than 2 lengths clear, Clyde bronze and the rest finishing in the above order. Definitely a re-row where the result was decided by what had already happened.

Women's coxless pairs
Notts BC started by nearly steering into Worcester, but have now corrected, and at the 500 gone marker TTRC are in the lead by a clear length-plus. This is of course the Zimbabwe national lightweight pair, who will be going to the Worlds this year, and train as full members of TTRC with coach Richard Tinkler. They're holding off Thames RC, doubling up from the earlier champion eight, while Worcester and Notts BC fight it out for third. Halfway, and it's split into three litte subraces, with TTRC/TRC, then Worcester/Notts, then Leicester/Kingston. TTRC were runners-up at Henley Women's regatta, so are keen to win this one and send themselves off on their Worlds trip with a good success. TTRC now have two lengths advantage over Thames, rating 31, and can now relax, while Thames are only a length up on Worcester, currently holding Notts off for third place. This race for bronze will make it hard work for the second-placed Thames, and Tradesmen are very relaxed now, commandingly in the lead. Coming to the line, it's gold to TTRC, silver to Thames, who have pushed off the following race to hold their position, and Notts BC have slipped through Worcester and claim bronze by over a length over the latter, despite more steering problems. Meanwhile Leicester and Kingston, who take the biscuit for steering trouble in this race, finish sixth and fifth respectively.

Lightweight women's single sculls
Heat winners were Helen Mangan for Liverpool Victoria, and Bewl Bridge's B. Herbert, while Salbany of Winchester College won silver earlier in the open sculls and is doubling up here. Close start, and at halfway Mangan has just a couple of seconds lead over Taylor of Star, and Richmond of NCRA. Nobody's out of touch yet though, Mangan rating 31 and still in the lead, NCRA pushing a bit and aiming to move into second. Here we go, 500 metres left and Richmond's taken a lead over Bewl Bridge into second, Mangan still secure nearly two lengths up, while Salbany's struggling at the back behind Star and Fawkner of MAA. Mangan and Ricmond both rating 31 as Taylor sculls over the buoys for a few strokes and risks losing her lane. Bewl Bridge still fighting ahrd, NCRA not yet sure of it, and it's going to be Mangan by nearly three lengths, Richmond nearly a length up for silver, Herbert bronze 1.5 lengths clear of Fawkner with Taylor just behind and Salbany in last. We should also say that with the wind now back up to its former level (but with more sunshine) this race was nearly a minute faster than the women's open sculls. I suspect conditions were better at the start than for the open race, but nevertheless this was a more competitive event.

Women's junior coxless pairs
We're sharing the control tower with the rescue squad, and I only wish I knew Morse code, as their beeper's going off big-time with some clearly important news. Anyway, in the absence of such entertainment, we'll have to make do with the women's junior pairs, much more fun. The leaders are Aberdeen Schools and LEH, with Canford and Henley stalking them. It was Aberdeen over LEH at halfway, but LEH B are coming back through hard, and Canford are also no slouches. With 500 to go LEH B have taken the lead, from Canford in lane six. LEH B rating 39, winning by just clear water, Canford take silver, looking a bit laboured, with Aberdeen half a length back on them, but pushing through hard. Aberdeen only miss out on second place by a canvas after a fine last push, to take bronze, with Henley fourth with Oundle nearly in their lane, and LEH A bringing up the rear after a fast start.

Men's junior quads
They're at 500 to go before I pick up the connection, and it's a very loud race, much popular support for these boys. TIffin in the lead, by only half a length, over Windsor Boys, then Leander/Stourport racing it off with Wycliffe for third. It's Tiffin gold, just, Windsor Boys silver, and Leander/Stourport hold on to bronze. Wycliffe fourth, Dulwich fifth and Star sixth. Tight and exciting: apologies that we couldn't bring you more of the race.

Women's lightweight coxless pairs
At 500 gone, TSS/Globe had a lead of 1.5 seconds over Clydesdale, with Avon County in third a length back. This is the first race in many that lane six has not been in the medal positions. In lane three, Aberdeen/Glasgow trailing in sixth place. Meanwhile TSS/Globe are holding on to their lead, now extending it to clear water, and Clydesdale move steadily further away from the pack. This is tight for third place, as TSS/Durham move through into the bronze spot past Avon County after a well-judged push. Meanwhile the Scots sneak past Norwich into fifth, and... Sorry about that: the connection dropped for a while. A very easy win for TSS/Globe (Rooks and Hutchings), over Clydesdale, then TSS/Durham.

Mens Lightweight Quad Sculls The Scottish quad are slightly up on PCRC, 2.5s ahead at halfway, with TSS 3s behind. Again the outside lanes seem to be favoured in the first half at least. #rd is TSS in lane 3 at the moment, with Rob Roy and Hampton further back fighting for 5th place. Walton have pushed through TSS in the last 20 strokes to get into 3rd. Scottish composite have extended their lead over PCRC. Coming into the last 250 Walton are challenging hard for silver, pressuring PCRC. Walton are rating 35, PCRC up to 38 to stay ahead, Scottish composite at 33 looking comfortable. Walton level with PCRC, coming through, to take 2nd by half a length, PCRC bronze, then TSS, Hampton Sch composite and Rob Roy who have taken to Hampton's lane but behind them.

Mens Coastal Pairs The wind has died - the windsock is hanging limp now. There are only 3 crews in this of the original 5 entrants. Itchen Imperial lead from lane 2. The umpire is following from the otherwise empty lane 4. Itchen rating 34 (high for ocastal sculls) lead Christchurch rating 33 in a battle. Really putting their backs into it here. Ryde are racing the safety boat for 3rd place. First two boats are well clear. Lots of birds in variously lanes 5,6 and the safety lane 0. Itchen are on the buoys a bit. Impressive bow waves from these boats. Very close now. Absolutely neck and neck.....oouch, that needs a photo finish, difficult to call it. Will await confirmation of the result of that. Itchen are confirmed as Nat Champions by 2 feet or 0.6s, with the third place crew Ryde 1minute 40s adrift.

Womens Junior Double Sculls They haven't sorted themselves out yet but Henley are miles up, fresh from winning the quad earlier and who are also the winning HWR crew. Henley have a commanding lead over a close race for second, between Tees and Wycliffe. At halfway Henley have a huge lead, sculling at 28. Wycliffe are at 32 and have got into second, with Tees third but the nearside lanes picking up in the latter half of the course and it could be York/St. Peters who get past them. With 500m to go Henley have a 15s lead, withthe York composite in 3rd and looking at Wycliffe. Henley strong but rating low and have it in the bag. Wycliffe second with York secure for third ahead of Tees, with Star fifth and Monmouth comp sixth.

Mens Double Sculls NCRA leading in lane 6, with Burway/Reading in lane 5 going well. Lane 3 is TSS looking useful. This looks like being a close race all the way. NCRA are comfortably ahead, 4s ahead of Burway/Reading who are under pressure from FSC as they pass halfway. The fight for 4th is between Putney Town, Marlow and ODSC with anyone in it. NCRA are at 35, with TSS/FSC rating 36 and Burway/Reading at 34. ODSC getting close to the buoys and correcting now. NCRA continue to lead, into the last 500m, with Burway still holding off FSC/TSS, in a really tight race. Burway at 37, TSS/FSC at 41. Very close race, TSS/FSC really going for it, but Burway/Reading hold onto silver by half a length from TSS/FSC looking long to the Sculler's shorter more desperate stroke, then ODSC, then Putney Town and Marlow.

Women's Eights
Leaders are again lanes 4, 5 & 6 - Thames A, Thames B annd Twickenham. Thames A lead with Twickenham challenging Thames B for 2nd. thames B have drawn clear of Twickenham and are challenging their A crew. Umpire has stopped - the spare umpire has taken over the race - launch trouble perhaps. Thames A are clear of their B crew in turn a length up on TWRC, with AK fourth. Thames A rating 37 to TWRC's 36, with Thames B pushing at 38. Thames A looking good and in control of this. Sims is beating the Aylings if you're into the boat-types. Looks quite close for silver. Thames A clear rating 36, TWRC looking strong but a bit messy and a bit ahead of THames B. AK and Osiris fighting for 4th. Thames A win, TWRC 2nd by half a length, Thames B, then Osiris just coming through AK on the line with CORC bringing up the rear. Note to readers: After the race we were told that the Twickenham crew always led Thames B, so clearly our eyesight wasn't too good. In our defence, looking 1500 metres down a course, even with binoculars, doesn't always give the best view, and the commentary this year was much quieter than in 2000, so there was no chance to get a check on what was happening and correct mistakes. We did try to commentate this race from 500 metres gone, but clearly misread it in the early stages.

Men's junior coxless fours
Aberdeen lead Bedford, but Tiffin are still in touch and not halfway yet. Aberdeen looking solid, lead Bedford from Tiffin with Windsor with a lot to do on the near side. At halfway Aberdeen have not extended their slender lead, rating 34 to Beford's 32, with Tiffin pushing hard at 35. Aberdeen look comfortable with clear water over Bedford over Tiffin with Yarm 4th. Aberdden 3.5 lengths clear of tiffin who have a big lead over Bedford. Windosr sprinting for the line but had too much to do, leading Yarm School from KS Worcester. A great race from Windosr who sufferred in the early stages from the conditions on the exposed near side but made up for it in the second half.

Women's lightweight double sculls
This race has just started, and the buoys are disappearing again as the wind picks up once more for these light crews. Thames A in lane six have a slight lead over Hereford next door to them, with Thames B in lane three also going well, and York struggling in lane one. Thames A started to move towards the access lane, and the umpire immediately bombed over towards them to straighten them up, after the accident in the men's race earlier. Past 800 metres gone, Hereford have sneaked into a slight lead, followed by Thames A and then Thames B. Grosvenor and Christchurch are close for fourth and fifth. At the marker Hereford have 04 secs lead, rating lower than Thames, who are up at 36. Thames B have made abig move while we were taking rates, and look to have taken both crews at the 1500 gone marker. As they come into the final five hundred it's Thames B from Hereford from Thames A, now Thames B looking superb, and Grosvenor have taken fourth well from Christchurch. Thames B win gold by clear water, Hereford hold on to silver three lengths back, Thames A take bronze a length and a half back, with Grosvenor, Christchurch and Bradford/York finishing up the minor places.

Lightweight men's coxless fours
The lightweights are nearly at halfway, Notts County leading from Furnivall, and the umpire is sorting out London A, who were washing down Scottish composite Clyde/Glasgow. London A still in third, and Thames and Twickenham competing for fifth. NCRA have a couple of lengths on the field now, and as they come to 350 to go, Furnivall are under threat from London A, Furnivall at 36, London shoving it up to 40 but not quite close enough. Furnivall know they have it, and it's gold to Notts County, Furnivall silver by half a length, London bronze, then Clyde/Glasgow, and Twickenham have pushed a length ahead of Thames for the fifth spot.

Women's junior eights
Not surprisingly after their superb season this summer, Headington School are well in control, taking four seconds lead in the first quarter of the race. Monmouth in the next lane are not giving up though, and keep the pressure on, Headington rating 33, Monmouth a pip higher. In third are King's School Worcester, well clear of Canford, Henley and Oundle. Headinton really look relaxed, none of the sprint they put on against the Americans at Henley Women's, and Monmouth are also sure of their silver medal. Coming to 200 metres left, and Headinton will get this gold by more than clear water, Monmouth splashing about a bit as they take it up for the best finish they can muster, Worcester looking strong but tiring for bronze. Towards the finish Headington showing solid pushed finishes, collapse over the line, but clearly pleased with themselves. Final order for the minor places is Oundle fourth, Henley fifth, Canford sixth.

Men's coxless pairs
The two heat winners here, in lanes five (RG Uni/Aberdeen) and six (QT) are in fact racing off for the Scottish spot at the Home International next week. Whichever wins here will do the pairs race there, but the two are then going to double into a four for Scotland as well. At 750 gone it's those two in the lead, QT rating 33, RG/Aberdeen matching them but looking sharper. At he midway mark it's RG/Aberdeen up by two seconds, but QT are pushing and looking to take the lead back. QT being warned for steering towards RG/Ab, the latter still ahead but it's getting tighter. IC have third a length over UL, and the race has hit trouble. QT were right on the bowside of lane six, and clashed with a four warming up, but the race is still continuing. Robert Gordon will win, UL challenging IC for silver, UL get it by the merest foot, Molesey's Jonny Searle and Luke Nolan get fourth, looking knackered, and QT still get fifth despite their problems, ahead of Leander's pair. QT have words with the umpire but a white flag is waved, clearly he thinks they could have avoided the four. So that solves the Scottish selection problem, although I pity the English, Welsh and Irish fours they will race next week, as two Scotsmen have a big point left to prove.

Women's quad sculls
At a thousand metres, lanes six (Loughborough) and two (Nautilus) are leading, the latter a different combination from those entered at Henley Royal two weeks ago. (Juniors - yes apparently so.) It's a tighter race, Nautilus rating 34 and slightly ahead, TSS now through Loughborough, into second, Evesham-composite and UTRC/Globe also challenging for third place. Third will be very hard to call, as Nautilus move away into a clear length's lead, TSS holding on to second as the challenging crews come up towards them, Evesham may have just got through Loughborough. Nautilus gold by 3/4 length over Scullers silver, Evesham's composite only a canvas behind to take bronze, Loughborough just pipped to it in fourth and UTRC/Globe fifth with Llandaff way back in sixth.

Men's coastal single sculls
The buoys can be seen now right down to the start, so conditions may be easing as the sun comes out for a while. The coastal scullers are now racing, and it's Southsea's T Donovan, winner of the first heat yesterday, who is leading from BTC Southampton. The latter, in lane four, almost sculled into Westover's sculler in lane five, but has moved back out again and they're a couple of hundred metres down from the midway. At halfway it's Donovan from Hume of BTC Southampton, then Powell of Bournemouth University Alumni, more than a length up on the three chasers. Donovan looks very comfortable now, well in the lead. The coastal scullling looks pretty similar to fine-boat technique, although Donovan's now down to rate 25, with Hume at 28. Donovan has a heck of a lead, nearly 100 metres up on Hume, who is several lengths clear of Powell. It's going to be Donoan of Soutsea taking gold, Hume of BTC Southampton silver, Powell bronze, then Wardell of BTC Southampton, from Westover's O'Brien, and Wyatt also fo BTC S. We'll leave them finishing to pick up the next race, just started.

News update:
The obstruction for the men's lightweight race turns out to have been a broken-down launch which could not be moved quickly, and the race is probably going to be re-rowed at around 15:15. Another point of interest: Trevor has just spotted through the binocs that in the women's coxless fours, the silver medal Scots composite four have three StrokeCoach's between the four of them...

Men's quad sculls
The quads have started, now reaching halfway. Leander having more fun here than they did at Henley, the absence of NCRA helping them out and letting them dominate this race. They're well clear, with TSS and Oxford/District in the other two medal positions, Scotland composite (actually the Coupe crew but they start with Aberdeen in the name) challenging for bronze but not really close enough to Oxford. Leander win gold easily, TSS under pressure from ODSC, but Scullers keep silver by half a length, then ODSC bronze, Scottish composite, Chester and Rob Roy in order. This is turning into too big a pattern to be a complete accident: checking, I find that the draw has been done to put heat winners into the furthest lanes, clearly to take advantage of the early shelter. The Aberdeen composite quad are juniors, going to the Coupe, and the stroke man's brother won two medals yesterday. News flash:After the medals have been presented, we learn that the Leander quad has been disqualified due to an undeclared substitution, so the other crews move up one and the Scottishquad get the bronze.

Women's coxless fours
Slightly bizarrely, this race has already started, despite the 'obstruction' found in the previous race which is still paddling past 500 metres to go. Let's hope the women don't hit anything! The men's lightweight pairs in the meantime have decided not to go back to the start, and are all paddling home steadily. Interesting.... Well, back to the women. They're being led by Kingston in lane six, from lane five (what a surprise) who are Nautilus. TSS in lane one are finding it tough going and dropping out of the back of the pack, but the rest are well in the hunt. The Scottish composite crew in lane three are now pushing hard at Nautilus, the latter just holding on to second place. Kingston rating 33 and still in the lead, but now the Scots are coming again, and as they pass 500 to go, they've taken Nautilus and look to be well up alongside Kingston. Scots at 6, Kingston still at 33, Nautilus well clear of the field in third, Kingston still look just ahead, but it's going to be close. Reaching 200 to go, and the shouting starts, Kingston still very strong, now rating 35, Nautilus coming back, Scotland look very tired now and Nautilus could retake second, Kingston grab gold by just under a length, Nautilus go up to 41 and get silver by half a canvas over the Scots. A long wait for the pack, brought home by IC, then TSS, then Nottingham. So no obstruction on the course then...

Lightweight men's coxless pairs
Just waiting for this one to start. The windsock is at a steady headrace five knots or so, still flatter here at the finish than up at the start. Not entirely sure the umpires all have their minds on the job: one left the finish pontoons a few races back wearing one of those Test Match Special titfers with built-in radio for finding out the latest damage the Aussies have inflicted on Atherton's struggling cohorts. Anyway, to the race, now started. Looks like NCRA A rating 34 in lane five are in danger of being impeded by Upper Thames in lane six, meanwhile the umpire's watching NCRA B and Bradford/Northants who are up to the same tricks in lanes one and two. NCRA A and Upper Thames on the sheltered side are the leaders, and most of the crews are still in touch, with the possible exception of Reading, now vying with the safety launch for last position. Passing the midway marker, it's NCRA A from UTRC from Clyde, NCRA rating 32 and hang on. The umpire's waving his red flag, and NCRA B have been stopped, together with Bradford/Northants. The entire race has now stopped. He's busy telling lanes five and six what's going on (naturally we won't know for sure for a few minutes). Bradford are aslant their lane looking confused, but it turns out that there is an obstruction on the course, and the umpire's sending all crews back to the start for a re-row.

Men's coxed fours
UL's crew in this apparently contain Monsieur Foster MBE, Olympico championo and wearer of the purplest shoes in history. However, as we pick the race up at 750 gone, the crews look to be in lane order, Thames leading from lane six with Marlow and Nautilus challenging. We presume the Nautilus crew are the junior men's selected combination, but with no names in the programme, they're keeping it a bit quiet. Passing the thousand, Thames still leading, they only had 0.3 seconds over Marlow at the marker, but Nautilus only a second back. Notts County have launched a tremendous push, and as they pass the last marker with 500 to go, have moved from sixth to first place, and now rate 33. Nautilus match them in second place at the same rate, but now UL are shifting, and the only crew not in the medal hunt are Kingston. Foster's at three in UL, pushing Nautilus for second, NCRA take gold, UL blast through Nautilus to take silver by a few seats, Nautilus get bronze over fading Marlow, Thames fifth. UL are the first crew to move off after finishing, no wonder as Timbo has to wind down and get ready for his singles race later on, after that unexpectedly hard sprint finish.

Lightweight men's double sculls
The first senior men to race a final today are already up to 500 metres, with Tideway Scullers in front with Upper Thames, Notts County and Molesey very close. Passing the thousand TSS still have the edge, but UTRC are challenging hard. These four crews are the ones to watch, and the fight really gets going as they move into the second half of the race. TSS at 34, UTRC at 35, Scullers still have a slight edge, and the contest has taken these two further away from NCRA and Molesey. 500 to go now, Scullers still in front and now up to 36, UTRC rowing with longer finishes but not making an impression. NCRA ahead of Molesey who are now dropping back with Star and Clydesdale, UTRC giving it another try at 36 in the final 100 metres. Star overhauling Molesey, but NCRA comfortable in third. Scullers take gold by just over two lengths, Upper Thames get silver well ahead of NCRA in third. Fourth Star, fifth Molesey and sixth Clydesdale. We've just had the times through for the women's singles - over nine minutes for Wallingford's star sculler as the winning time, so it's pretty clear no records will be broken today, and conditions are harsher than they look from up here in the tower.

Women's junior coxed fours
With 750 metres to go, Haberdasher's Monmouth look well clear in the lead, once again the slightly more sheltered lanes 5 and 6 having an easier time of it. St. Paul's look to be claiming second place, and Aberdeen Schools RA possibly third. An umpire has just bombed up the centre lanes, creating a lovely load of wash for this lot to row through in 200 metres time, and meanwhile LEH in fourth are shadowing the battle for third, hoping to pounce as the leaders tire. Haberdasher's look very comfortable, swinging along at 32, and well clear, and Aberdeen are now in second by 2 lengths. Very tight for third, with Bedford High School now sneaking through the failing St. Paul's, LEH are a canvas back too. Bedford get it, taking bronze by a few feet, St. Paul's fourth, LEH fifth and Oundle two lengths back in sixth.

Women's single sculls
Sorry for the delay. The women are just coming up to 500 metres to go, and Wallingford's Butler-Stoney is comfortably out in front at the moment, leading from Salbany of Winchester College, with Upper Thames's Victoria Wood battling for third against McClung of Furnivall. Cambridge Blue's S. Brown is also in the medal hunt. Butler-Stoney approaches the line, well in control, with Winchester takes silver a length and a half ahead of UTRC, and Cambridge Blue nips past Furnivall for fourth, with Durham finishing the race five lengths back. Not the tighest of races, and since the scullers all look resigned rather than elated or unhappy, they must be tired after a steady grinding race.

Men's junior pairs
Middle lanes that's Shrewsbury,Glasgow and Canford look to be ahead. Glasgow look to be leading at half-way. Royal Grammar Sch Lancaster are erratic in their steering but well behind so not affecting the race. Glasgow lead in splashy conditions, at 36, with Canford at 34. Neither crew sculling cleanly, with only half a length between these two and a blanket for 3rd. Eton look to be klast at this stage. Lancaster 3rd despite their steering problems. Glasgow are sculling better now in slightly better conditions. Umpire is paying close attention to Glasgow and Canford who are close together and Canford are being washed down a bit by Glasgow, both hese crews quite well matched still only half a length apart. 250m to go, Canford at 32 looking tired, Glasgow still at 36 and looking quite confortable. Lancaster pushing over in lane 1 in a spirited push. Glasgow keep the work on, Lancaster tight for 2nd with Canford. Lancaster get silver by half a length in the end from Canford. 4th RGS Worcester, 5th was Shrewsbury and Eton bringing up the rear.

Women's junior quads
Women's quads are on the course, a 5 boat straight final, Headngton Sch. having scratched from the original entrants. Henley A are in the lead coming into the last 250m. Henley B are 2nd by miles, 8 lengths behind their A crew but 6 lengths clear of a tight race for 3rd. Good fight for 3rd, 200m behind, between St Leonards and Burton Leander, with St Leonards veering in their lane but look solid for bronze. 2/3rds lebgth to Burton Leander with George Watsons bringing up the rear.

Men's junior single sculls
The men's junior 1x final has just started, looks like the Hollingworth Lake sculler T Newman is in the lead at the first 500m marker, from Dunley of Dulwich Coll fresh from winning S2 at KAR last week. These 2 are having a good fight and are clear of the chasing pack. It's choppy out there and from the finish tower we can't even see the buoys. At the 1000m mark Dunley has taken the lead, and these two are a long way ahead and perhaps benefitting from the shelter in lanes 5 & 6. Both these two are rating a bit higher now that the water is a bit flatter. Dunley is trying to break away and has extended his lead. Dunley has settled his rating a bit to see what effect his push had, the answer is a clear lead. Dulwich rating 29 leads Newman rating 32then Burton Leander third, with Durham ARC fourth, Wycliffe fifth, IC last, rating low and looks like he has given up.

Welcome to Holme Pierrepont
The head-wind of Saturday has persisted, although it's still slightly cross from the scoreboard side. The weather is grey and warm otherwise, doesn't really look like rain at the moment but not much blue sky. We are just finishing the last few reps and semi's before the start of the first final. Biggest news of the weekend so far has been the disqualification of the UL men's eight after yesterday's heat, following the re-weighing of the UL cox, who turned out to be nearly four kilos under.

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