UK National Championships 2000

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Live reporting from the UK National Championships 2000 will be posted here during the finals on Sunday 16th July.

See the official event website for more information on the racing and draw.
5:08: M 8 final
They're off, and Brookes A are apparently showing in the lead, but through them come a composite of Leander/NCRA/TSS/Worcester, and Nautilus also pushing strongly, though still in third at 500 metres gone. This is the lightweight eight, most of whom rowed in the Ladies at Henley, who now have bow pair as Ali Brown and Jim McNiven, after they failed to succeed in selection for Sydney at the Lucerne qualifying regatta last Tuesday. Coming towards the final 500, and the lightweights are nearly two lengths up on Brookes, with Nautilus third but being challenged by Worcester for the bronze. Lightweights rating 37, Brookes starting the last sprints at 38, Nautilus have held Worcester off well and are reeling Brookes back in. Gold for the lightweights, silver Brookes, bronze Nautilus, and the final places Worcester fourth, Brookes B fifth, Wallingford sixth. That concludes racing for today, and the live reporting from this website. Thank you for logging on, and please do send me your feedback on this live reporting so that I can pass it on to the commentators.

5:00: W 4+ final
The coxed fours race has already started, and Henley Women's winners Wallingford will be keen to show their pace here, over a competitive field including a Nautilus (junior squad) crew and Marlow, who won the club coxed fours at HWR. And at the first marker, Thames are on top, a length up on Wallingford, who have one second over Llandaff. Thames still looking very strong as the crews come to halfway, but now Nautilus have moved up into second place, pushing Wallingford out by a couple of seconds. The juniors are challenging hard, but don't look yet as if they have bested Thames, who are responding well to the attack. Another push from Thames, while Marlow and City of Oxford have to barge through a flock of waterbirds, and Nautilus are still working very hard, intent on giving Thames no easy medals. Thames at 38, Nautilus 37, coming through by several inches every stroke, and they may have just done it on the line. Wallingford secure in third, with Marlow, Llandaff and CORC behind, as we wait for the photofinish. It finally comes through, and it's a win for Nautilus by 0.4 of a second over Thames: a very gutsy win.

4:53: MJ 4+ final
A four-way composite here between Abingdon School, St. Edward's, St. Paul's and Bedford School, has taken the race by the scruff of the neck, and these four have stretched a commanding lead out in front, with Aberdeen Schools (the holders), RGS Worcester, and Bedford Modern chewing it out for the next places. As the fours streak towards the midway mark, an umpire is herding ducks at the 750 to go post, and the Abingdon composite remains in first, with Aberdeen now through Bedford Modern behind them. Aberdeen look the nippier crew, and are rowing a very different style from the composite, but in fact both are rating 34, and moving away from the rest of the field. Bedford Modern trying to stop this though, and Aberdeen raise it to 37 to hold them off. Abingdon & co assured of gold, Bedford and Aberdeen both going ballistic, but Aberdeen will hold onto it, and get silver by a few seats, Bedford bronze just behind them.

4:46: W Lwt 4x final
In this race, originally with three entrants, there are now just two crews, so it will be the only race in the regatta not to give silver or bronze medals. Thames seem to be having the best of it, coming up to the last quarter of the race, and NCRA/MAA are trailing by a couple of lengths. A bit of a steering glitch from Thames, corrected, lets NCRA/MAA back towards them by a few feet, and the result is gold to Thames by just under 2 lengths.

4:40: M Lwt 1x final
We're giving up on the scoreboard for the first portion of each race, as by now the number of presentations is keeping it busy showing medallists from earlier races. We have some lightweight scullers on the course, and it looks as if Nick Wakefield may be in the lead, over Chisholm of TSS. Kelsey and Smith in lanes 2 and 1 respectively, on the other side of the course, are steadily pushing up, and with IC's Smith missing, Fox of Molesey is behind the pace in the final lane. Wakefield and Chisholm are having a good ding-dong battle for the top place, both rating 34-35, and Wakefield has it by half a length now. Kelsey is not out of touch, and is coming back now to attack for silver. But he doesn't do it, and Wakefield takes gold, Chisholm silver, Kelsey bronze.

4:33: M 1x final
Aha, we've worked out the glitch in the programme listing, and at halfway Gardner is leading from Goodbrand and Monnickendam, with a few second separating each. Colin Greenaway is in fourth place, and Briscoe and Warnock are bringing up the rear. As they come into close view, Gardner is doing a great job, and now well clear of the field, with Goodbrand keeping his nose ahead of the rest, but only just. As they start their final sprints, Garnder is assured of the gold, Goodbrand silver, but Briscoe has come through very determinedly against Monnickendam to snitch bronze by less than half a length in a classic finish.

4:25: WJ 4- final
The fours are on the course, and we've got a crew missing, not sure yet if it's in lane 1 or 2. Whatever the case, whoever is meant to be rowing in 2 moved into lane 1 for a while, then shifted back again. Lane 4 has also gone into 5, but is now coming back, and lane 5 is heading diagonally for 4, just starting to correct. This may be won on clean steering...! Looks between lanes 3, 6 and 5, ie Bedford, Henley and Haberdashers. A very tight race here, and although Haberdashers are now rowing ahead of Bewdley (several lengths up) in the same lane, they take the race by half a length, with Henley next and Bedford third. We wonder if this will be declared clean, but apart from the washing down, there was no direct interference, and the umpire shows his white flag.

4:18: W 2x final
The double are already racing, and I really can't separate them. NCRA/Star over Castle Semple/Durham at the first marker. Halfway, and CS/Durham have taken the lead, with Walbrook/Grosvenor second, but again the scoreboard has mucked up and it changes just a few seconds later. NCRA/Star are in fact still in the lead, over CS/Durham, with Walbrook/Grosv. third. Bigger gaps now appearing, and NCRA/Star look pretty comfortable in the lead, with a big fight on for the minor medals. QT are trying to sneak up on the outside, but it's between lanes 4 and 3 for the silver and bronze, with Upper Thames in lane four showing strongest with 100 metres to go. Walbrook/Grosv can't match them, Castle Semple have wilted under the challenge, so it's NCRA/Star gold, UTRC silver, Walb/Grosv bronze.

4:12: MJ 2x final
We have these doubles on the course now, with Bryanston in the lead at the first marker, over Marlow/Leander and Hollingworth Lake/Royal Chester with Wycliffe only just out of the top three. Halfway, and Hollingworth/Chester have moved into second place, with Bryanston holding onto their lead by what is now one length. Conditions sunny, with a light cross-tail wind. Dulwich College B have moved up too, into third place, and are challenging for the top spot too. They're rating high, just having come off a push, but Bryanston are now upping it for the finish, with Dulwich close on their heels. Marlow look certain for the bronze, but the top two are very close: we think it's Bryanston by a foot over Dulwich, who will have to be content with the silver medal this time. It is. [Well done Bryanston....]

4:05: W Lwt 4- final
Avon County have a two-second lead in this at the first marker, over Nottingham and Llandaff/Queen's Tower. This is so far a re-run of the HWR final, in which Avon held Nottingham off successfully to take the title. Coming to 500 left, and three crews are tight at the top, but Avon are still in the lead, Notts A one second up on Notts B, and this time their win will be very convincing. A battle royal between the two Nottingham University crews, heads taking peeks all over the shop, and the B crew got it by a very short margin, with Llandaff/QT, Vesta and Bedford out of the medals.

4:00: M U23 1x final
The scullers are already most of the way down the course, and Ockendon of Notts Uni appearing to be well ahead of clubmate Dostal, and Grant and Warnock fighting it out for third. Both these two closing up on Dostal now, and the fight is on for the minor medals, with Warnock unfortunately nearly stopping a few metres before the line, letting Dostal maintain silver behind Ockendon. Warnock did get the bronze, though, over Grant in the next-door lane.

3:52: M Coastal 4+ final
The coastal fours are on the course, looking very tight-packed, and Itchen showing in front, making up for disappointments earlier in the small boats. Second coming into the last few hundred metres are Poole, with Ryde having a short head lead for third over So'ton Coalporters. Itchen getting loads of crowd support now, Poole being shouted for too, but Itchen are victorious, and a big way back are Ryde for the bronze, with the silver for Poole.

3:44: WJ 1x final
Very hard to tell who's up, but the scoreboard has just come through, with all six scullers within 5 seconds of each other at 500 gone, and led by Scott of QEH. Star Club, St. Leonard's and St Peter's School also showing well. Scott leading still at the halfway mark, ahead of Star and St. Peter's in that order, with the gaps slowly spreading out. Murray of Northwich is having terrible trouble with her steering, veering right over to her stroke side, starting to let Wycliffe's Muhlenbruch through. Scott still ahead of Johnston and Corrigan, with a two-length lead now giving her an easy ride home. San Manley has pushed back through, with Johnston just shipwrecking briefly, Muhlenbruch pushing hard but not managing to get through San Manley. Finishing order QEH (Scott), Star (San Manley) and Wycliffe (Muhlenbruch), and a great, fighting, race.

3:38: M 4- final
Molesey ahead at 500 m gone, ahead of Lea by a sheer bowball. Worcester pushing up during the next quarter, though, and taking second place, while Molesey extend their lead to a length. IC/QT are fourth, just one second back, and TTRC and Wallingford complete the set. IC/QT making a great push through the middle of the race, getting well back in lane 1 and may not be obvious to the other crews. Molesey just staying ahead of Worcester, and this sprint takes both fours ahead of the IC/QT crew. Molesey rating 41 and stroked by Richard Stanhope take the gold half a length up from Worcester, and the Imperial crew take bronze.

3:33: W 2- final
At half-way, Kingston RC/Newcastle Univ were leading from Worcester RC, by quite a gap. This composite is Carslake and Rebecca Romero, the U23 double who were beaten by Blackie and Bishop while rowing sweep at Henley Women's Regatta. They've opened out a huge lead coming into the last quarter, 14 seconds plus, with Upper Thames in third place by a healthy distance from Clydesdale. UTRC dashing for the line, but Worcester will manage to hold them off, just, by half a length or so. Although the wind has dropped, we think this one will be another record broken. But it turns out to be just one second outside the record time: should have been pushed harder, girls....

3:25: W Lwt 1x final
Starting off pretty close, at the first marker Imperial's Eastman ahead of Jones from Wallingford and Mangan from UTRC. Jones seems to be pushing back again now, closing up a little on Eastman, and Thames Tradesman's sculler (unnamed in the programme) is stalking the places too. It really looks as if Caroline Jones is picking this one up, and as Eastman responds, she may be fighting foot by foot for this. IC now slightly up, Wallingford just a few feet behind, it's all in this top fight, as they come towards the line. Jones may be able to do this, but a photofinish, for sure, and Mangan in third place. Jones did it, by just .44 of a second from Eastman, in a terrifically well-judged finish which Eastman just couldn't hold off.

3:20: WJ 2- final
1000 marker and Gloucester lead from Oundle, with St. Paul's School close behind in third. Already this lead is a big one, Gloucester very clearly several lengths up, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these two Gloucester girls were in the Henley Prize composite with Avon County and Worcester at Henley Royal. Slightly wonky steering from them, just nearly tweaking a buoy on their bowside, but relaxed and dominant over the field, sweeping it strongly along at 30-31 towards the finish. A bit of a fight on for the silver medal, which Oundle are still winning over St. Paul's.

3:09: M2+ final
Still adjusting, these pairs, as the wind picks up quite a lot more now, and is very cross-tail. Aah, it turns out to have been a false start, not clear who jumped the gun. And they're off again, with Thames, Henley and Holme Pierrepont showing first, but all crews close. 250 gone, HP ahead, London then Nautilus: again this Nautilus crew is a selected pair who will be going to the junior worlds in Zagreb. Those three crews still looking good at 500 metres gone, but Henley also well up there, and these heavy pairs have a freshening tail-cross to help them down the course. London now in the lead, but the scoreboard was wrong, and it's Nautilus in the lead, with Thames (who had moved into their lane) shifting back in fifth place, and Holme Pierrepont ahead of London in second and third. The scoreboard is completely wrong now, and we can see Nautilus fighting off London, HP not likely to get gold but strong for bronze, and London seem to have a slight lead now towards the finish line. Hare and Watson jack it up again, finishing 3/4 length ahead of the juniors, with Holme Pierrepont cheered into third place ahead of Henley.

3:02: MJ4x final
Schoolboy action once more, and not much in it as the junior quads reach the 750 marker. Dulwich/KCS lead at the 1000 metres, from WRGS, by half a length, and Wycliffe also in the medal hunt. Although these three have dropped the rest, it's not by much, and there is a long way to go yet. Composite is at 37, pushing to take themselves further into the lead, but Wycliffe have just come off a push to bring themselves back towards the composite quad. Only two crews not in this, and Reading are now challenging for a medal, overhauling Dulwich, who have beaten off RGS Worcester. Meanwhile Wycliffe took the gold well after a stalking race which brought them past Dulwich, the pace-makers for the race.

2:55: W Lwt 2- final
The pairs are on the course, and Tideway Scullers appear to be leading Avon County, with Marlow in contention too. At the halfway mark, Marlow have gone into the lead, from Scullers, with Avon also clear of the field. 500 metres to go, and TSS now fighting back hard, and both crews are now well clear of Avon. Feet in it, TSS slightly up, Marlow coming back, stroke for stroke, but TSS are going to hang on to this by a foot, at most. A great row by the Women's Henley winners TSS, very tense for the last quarter of the course.

2:50: M Lwt 4x final
A composite of Maidenhead/Monmouth/Leander/Upper Thames is leading at 500 m out, maintained to 1000 metres, but only a little way ahead of Gardam, Miles, Smith and Skelton from Holme Pierrepont. Tideway Scullers on the far side of the lanes are trying to rumble these two crews, but the fight for first place is tiring them out, and TSS have now taken the lead by a short head. Shouts from the home crowd, but TSS are sprinting very fast for the line, Holme P responding, and Walton also close on the composite for the bronze medal. This needs to be checked, there are split seconds in it, and the crews wait while the umpires decide if a photo finish must be checked. Finally it's announced as Holme Pierrepont first, TSS second, and Walton third. Very close, yet again an encouraging and competitive result for British sculling this year.

2:42: M Coastal 2- final
Southsea showing slightly ahead here, (the A crew), with Itchen and Christchurch a short way back. Now the B Southsea crew pushing ahead, but all the pairs still very close. 500 metres to go, and Christchurch have moved up again, into second place, just a length separating the first three crews, with Itchen dropping out of the back. Let me take this chance to update readers on Lucerne - it is true that Redgrave and co have been beaten out of the medals: fourth place, and four seconds behind the Australians who took bronze. Here in Nottingha, Southsea B are successfully holding off Christchurch, though it has taken quite an effort.

2:35: WJ2x final
Halfway through, and Peterborough are a length clear of Wycliffe, with York City another length back and just holding off Evesham/Stratford and Monmouth Comprehensive. Evesham/Stratford pushing back, though, and now coming back strongly into third, and challenging Wycliffe for the silver medal place too. Peterborough look strong for gold, now two lengths up, and Evesham are doing a good job of sneaking up in the outside lane: Wycliffe may not even realise they are being pushed and now, overtaken. Great row Evesham/Stratford, taking silver by at least half a length, while Wycliffe are untroubled for bronze ahead of the rest.

2:30: M2x final
A walk in the park for Lawson and Lyle-Cottle of Leander here, a good 100 metres clear of Nautilus (Wells and Langridge) but pushing for the finish line as if the devil was after them. Castle Semple (Murray and Watt) just ahead of Henley, and Leander B and Huntingdon in the final two places.

2:20 W8 final
Just about to start, and the sun is now well and truly out here, wind still occasional but light. Nautilus look aslant the start, now getting connected. They're off, and the UTRC/KRC/TRC composite have an early lead, with Thames snapping at their heels. These two are getting well ahead of the rest of the field, Twickenham next in line. And the composite eight is still getting the best of the club crew, by a good length, while Nautilus move up into third place, and my browser tells me that Italy, NLS and Australia have beaten the GB 4- into fourth place in Lucerne. A noisy finish here in the women's final, the composite just holding off a very determined sprint for the line by Thames, who were in turn well clear of Nautilus. Behind these three, Oxford women reasserted their dominance over Cambridge in the non-medal places, with Twickenham also out of the placings in fifth.

2:13: MJ 4- final
Straight final once more, and halfway down the course, Nithsdale are leading by a good five seconds over Bedford and Hampton. There's quite a battle on for second and third, but Nithsdale are sitting pretty in front of it, well able to keep an eye on their rivals. Less than a seat in this for the last two medals, and some rather questionable steering from Hampton, in their excitement, but it will not do them favours. 2 feet in it, Hampton now over the buoys but raising their race, Bedford can't quite get their hearts into it, and Hampton take silver behind Nithsdale.

2:07: W Lwt 2x final
Straight final, already part-way down the course. Mortlake Anglian are up on the field, and looking well in control, over Notts County. Stratford are third, and in this already-decided race, the crews cross the line in that order, several lengths between places.

2:02: M Lwt 4- final
Oxford Brookes led off the start in this race, and they're already 500 metres down the course, which will mean they will feel the wash put up by the safety launch which has just bulleted from the finish to 500m out. Holme Pierrepont with Niall Gardam on board have pushed through by 100 metres gone, and lead by a length off Brookes, with London another length behind. A very pacy row this, in slightly freshening conditions, all crews at high rates as befits lightweights. 500 to go now, and Holme P have increased their lead by one second, looking unassailable, while Brookes start a serious sprint for the line. London are closing on Brookes, but the Oxford crew aren't threatened, although both fours are reeling HP in a bit as they scamper for the line. Furnivall made a good effort to try for the medals behind these three, but it ended HP, Brookes, London in that order for the metalware.

1:52: WJ8 final
This one's a straight final, and as they sit on the stakeboats, the umpire for that last race is still on the water, having called crews 6, 5 and 4 to the pontoon (as we saw it). Not sure if there is a query over that race or not, but the pairs did seem to be a fair race from our vantage at the top of the tower. All sorted now, and the girls are off at the other end of what is fast becoming a flat millpond. We have a composite crew in lane three, who have their bows a canvas up on Haberdashers in two, but Northwich and Gloucester also still in touch. 500 gone, and the crews are still very close, with Gloucester now in the lead by nearly a length, ahead of the composite and Haberdashers. Northwich are in danger of slipping out the back and losing contact. 1000 metres gone, Gloucester still looking good, and now increasing their lead to nearly two lengths over teh composite, who are struggling to stay ahead of Haberdashers. 500 to go, now Gloucester rating down at 34, well in charge of this race, and Haberdashers have pulled a little ahead of the composite crew. The big question here is who gets silver, and both eights in contention raise their rate now, Haberdashers still only just ahead. The composite is rowing a bit more efficiently, but Haberdashers are giving it all their power, and are just three seats up approaching the finish line. So Gloucester take a well-deserved gold, but an excellent fight for the silver, won by Haberdashers.

1:45: M 2- final
So we find out now why Hennessy and Warnock ditched themselves from the lightweight pairs, because they're now leading the field in the heavyweight 2- race. Cambridge '99 (Layton and Weller) were second to them, but at half-way through, Molesey (Bray and Stanhope) have moved into silver position, just. Bedford/Abingdon Schools (Bourne-Taylor and Dixon) are also pushing for the medal places. London/TSS have a fine lead now, nearly ten seconds clear of their opposition. The schoolboys have now overtaken the fading C'99, and the finish is LRC/TSS, then Molesey, (with Ollie Keech stroking in fact, in place of Richard Stanhope), then Bourne-Taylor and Dixon third.

1:39: W4x final
Picking this one up near the start again, once more looking pretty close. In lane 6 we have Hereford/Maidenhead, featuring Crump who raced only a short time earlier in the women's singles. That crew is second to Molesey, sculling strongly with Rachel Stanhope and Philippa Cross on board, plus Trish Corless and A Barnett. Molesey look pretty comfortable, but are sculling quickly at 35, neatly, with Hereford/Maidenhead rating 33 behind them. A big fight for the lower medals here, TRC/UTRC trying to get back to Loughborough for the bronze, but Loughborough will hold them off by a few seats to take third place behind Molesey and the H/M composite.

1:32: M Lwt 2- final
500 metres out from the start, and not easy to see who is in the lead yet, with several pairs challenging hard for the lead. Several Goblets pairs from Henley in this race, who all met heavyweight nemeses two weeks ago. Leander currently leading from Northampton/Bradford, and sprinting hard to consolidate in the last few hundred metres, but Casey and Sinclair solid in silver place, with the Stevens brothers taking bronze. A decisive row by Gonzales and Cundell from Leander, in charge right the way down the course.

1:27: M4x final
Not a close race yet, this, with at half-way, Tideway Scullers leading clearly from a junior composite (Henley/LC/Windsor Boys/Tiffin). As they get past half-way Thames push through Rob Roy to take third, and Bewl Bridge also start to challenge towards the medal positions. TSS well clear, several lengths up, the juniors colourfully taking silver, and Thames now rowing well clear of Bewl Bridge for the third medal. With the conditions still pretty calm, it's unlikely to be a record, but some of the older and slower sculling times are falling today: we have heard that the Henley girls quad broke the WJ4x record by four seconds in their final earlier today. Time 6:04, six seconds outside it, for the men's quads.

1:20: W4- final
Another straight final, and only Aberdeen/Clyde, Marlow, Globe/TSS, UL/Tyrian and a schoolgirls composite. Again this junior crew is likely to go to the World Championships in August, so they're testing their mettle now against the senior clubs, to push their ambition. At the halfway mark this junior crew is just one second behind UL/Tyrian, who are trying for U23 selection. And by 250 to go the UL crew has made a major move, now a whole twelve seconds ahead of the rest, and pulling away hard, possibly trying for the record. The school crew second, and Aberdeen/Clyde third. Time for the gold medal was 6:57, so they were outside the record by nearly ten seconds.

1:10: M Coastal 1x final
A straight final, with two Southsea scullers, and two from Ryde. Watling of Southsea looks to be in a very commanding lead at 500 metres gone, and there is a gaggle of wildfowl on the course behind him, as the next racing crews turn through the ducks and geese during their final warm-up. Watling's club colleague Knight is pushing towards him now, and may be going past, yes seems that he is. The big seagoing boats often confer quite an advantage in "typical" Nottingham conditions (ie filthy crosswinds) but today, with a flat breeze barely ruffling the water, they are having as easy a time of it as the rest of the boats. Both Ryde scullers well back now, and it's just a question of who will get gold from Southsea, and how much of a sprint can be mounted in a heavy shell. But the gap is too big, and Watling settles for silver behind Knight, with Adams for bronze.

1:04: M4+ final
A cracking final this, featuring several classic club crews, but also a crew of schoolboys rowing as Nautilus who we think are the junior coxed four for the Wolrd Championships. London have led to half-way, at first from the Lea in second, but now by the midpoint of the race Nautilus have pushed up from just behind the Lea into second place by a solid 2 seconds. Aberdeen, UTRC and IC/QT are behind the leaders. Coming into the final 500, London still noses in front, but with who we think is Gary Herbert coxing Upper Thames, don't discount anything. Can't see if it's him, but with Aberdeen pushing hard, the Lea are encouraged into their final sprint to take bronze behind London and Nautilus. London is the Prince Philip coxed four from Henley, and did a good job to hold off the perky junior four in the final metres, by two seconds.

1:02: M Lwt 2x final
I was offline for this, but it was a fantastic finish. Leander led from Exeter and Bacon/TTRC for most of the course, but as the crews approached the finish, Bacon/TTRC pushed through Exeter, the two crews a couple of lengths down from Leander in the gold-medal position. Coming to the line, Auriol Kensington were also pushing hard, and as they finished it was difficult to see who had bronze, though despite a great sprint by Exeter, Bacon/TTRC had held on for the silver. Bronze went in the end to Auriol Kensington.

12:53: WJ4+ final
The fours are halfway down the course, holders Aberdeen being led by Haberdashers Monmouth and George Herriot/George Watsons. A pretty tight race this, and with an empty lane to confuse things, the crews in lanes 6 and 4 will need to keep an eye on rivals Oundle in lane one. Some serious puddles being pushed down, a very close finish, Haberdashers get gold, last year's champions Aberdeen silver, and Oundle successfully squeeze out Herriot/Watsons for the bronze medal.

12:43: W1x final
Just setting off is the first of the senior finals: women's single sculls. In the top two lanes we have Flood (course record holder and both-Henleys championt) against Ali Watt, defending national champion. And 500 metres out Flood is a few seconds up on Jones of Wallingford, with Watt behind. Coming to 1000, and at the markerpoint Flood has opened up a seven-second lead, with Watt now behind her, having overtaken Jones. The field is more strung out now, big gaps between all the scullers, and Saunders of Queen's Park is challenging towards Jones, but not yet close to the bronze position. Final 250 metres, Flood well in front, but still pushing hard, and she crosses the line massively clear, Watt in silver, another wait and Jones bronze. Time for this final 7:35, which is four seconds further chopped off the course record for this event! You can bet the invitation to the Home Countries is already on its way: well done Debbie. Full results are going up in batches every 45 minutes.

12:35: MJ2- final
Already on the course, and drawn in the best lane (6) are the two Woods of Bedford Modern School, after their progression through the heats. Aberdeen have withdrawn, and Hampton moved into their lane, but at present with 750 metres gone, Eton are in the lead, though looking warily at Bedford and keeping an eye on Tiffin. Winchester are well behind the pack and in danger of being washed down by the umpire's boat... Now 500 metres from the finish, Eton are being challenged hard by Bedford, who are sprinting desperately to make up the half-length they need. Way back Hampton are holding off Tiffin for the bronze. And yes, Eton do it, gold medal to them by less than a length, and silver for Bedford Modern.

12:30: WJ4x final
A straight final this, and as the men's junior scullers were finishing, Wycliffe were leading, over Henley, George Watson's and Northwich in that order. So Wycliffe start to add girl's success to their now-famous boys' squad, and with 100 metres to go, Wycliffe and Henley are fighting it out but both sure of medals. Both are sculling hard, Henley now at 34, a pip or two above Wycliffe, and perhaps now Henley are just getting their noses in front. Yes, the times on the board confirm it, just one second up. Wycliffe responding, the crowd are yelling, but Henley look solid and polished, and Wycliffe can't pull them back wheateve they try. By now Northwich have overtaken George Watson's, and scull clear of them to the line to capture the bronze medal, to squeals of delight.

12:25: MJ1x final
This first final seems to have started, but with the men's eights repechage on the course and nearing the finish, there's not much attention on it yet. Smith and Logan seem to have a bit of a lead on the rest of the field, but it's close so far. As the first marker comes up, that's true, with Milsom of Durham splitting them. The draw today favours lane 6, after yesterday's crosswind, and runs an echelon pattern. The Leander sculler is actually Zimbabwean, and won the J16 sculls yesterday, so with a lead of nearly two lengths, things are looking good now. As they pass 500m to go, Smith is well in charge, leading strongly over the whole field, but Logan from George Watson's College is moving up well, and now leads the pack. Smith is sculling at 28, confident in the gold medal, and now the rest take it up, Logan just holding his position against Westgarth of Holme Pierrepont and now Wright of Marlow, a late pusher. Finally into the last ten, and Wright has come through to take silver ahead of Westgarth with bronze.

11:55: Here at the Nationals in Nottingham, the finals are half an hour from starting.

Jonny Searle has just crossed the finish-line in anguish after coming fourth in the first men's single sculls semi-final. Pushed out by Monnickendam of NCRA, Gardner and Briscoe of Leander, Searle looked exhausted - as well he might - my spies tell me his baby was awake most of last night.
The weather is good, only an occasional breeze, slightly cross-tail, fairly overcast but with patches of sunshine, and excellent rowing conditions. Spectators are mostly still busy, helping to get crews ready for the final racing, but the seats and banks will fill up more as the finals start. Plenty of boats already on trailers ready for the journey home, and now the serious business of the senior championships begins, as the medals are decided in the last top-class event of the purely domestic racing season.
Note that some of the crews here will be going on in a week's time to race in Gent at the Home Countries match, this year being held between England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Belgium. This is a team affair, with a selection of junior and senior events across the board, culminating in a team trophy to add to individual or crew medals. It is often a tight finish, and under the English selection policy at least, single-club non-international crews racing here become eligible to represent their country if they win.