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Friday 21st January 2000

Dean Macey sitting on his latest purchase

Indoor rowing machine specialists Concept II UK have just added a new name to their unofficial "Hall of the Famous Buyers".

Since competitive water rowing is such a niche and misunderstood sport, Concept are understandably delighted with the success of their plan to bring indoor rowing to those who would never consider setting shell on water. They have already sold CII's to many well-known British and international non-rowing athletes, including a large number from the England rugby squad, yachtsman Ben Ainslie, driver David Coulthard and, for some unknown reason, the British beach volleyball team.

Decathlon World silver medallist Dean Macey (left) has been erging for some time, and will use his new machine to build up strength for the Sydney Olympics. He already has an entry in last year's CII Ranking magazine, and will be another big name inspiring the youthful indoor rowers of the country. Concept have not discussed whether Dean needs to use a seat-grip or not...

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