Thames Challenge takes to the superhighway

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The Thames World Sculling Challenge has launched online, with a website located at

The site includes some historical material about the origins of the race, which will develop into a full archive, and has photos of the hunky guys and gals who have raced in the modern revival of this ancient challenge, since 1993.

Also on the menu is a "guess the knees" contest, with a mystery prize which will be announced nearer the race date of March 24th, 2000.

The invitations to the Year 2000 race have already gone out, and the site will be updated regularly as the scullers give their answers. Scheduled one day before the Men's Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge, the Challenge will be an enticing warm-up to the eights race, as top scullers from around the world challenge the British on home ground over the twisting, tidal Thames Championship Course.

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