GBR Women's Trial news: update 15/12/99

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BIRO Women's Trial, NOTTINGHAM, 19th Dec 1999


The British women's trial scheduled for 19th December 1999 in Henley remains on the same date but has been moved to Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham. Guin Batten gave the Rowing Service the news on 15th December, after speaking to BIRO about it.

While not absolutely finalised, details are expected to remain largely the same as before, especially with regard to timing and check-in.

There is a possibility that due to the use of the 2000 m course, the racing may be 1750 metres, followed by a 10-minute rest on the water, then 1750 metres back in the opposite direction. Yet to be confirmed.

Any serious problems with the new arrangements (forced on BIRO by the fast water at Henley and the EA's safety misgivings) please phone the British International Rowing Office direct.

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