Wingfield Sculls 2000 - Haining wins fourth title

The Rowing Service

Peter Haining successfully won his fourth Wingfield Sculls title on Thursday 9th March, beating Giles Monnickendam by a considerable margin.

As the two scullers set off, a frisky wind swirled around Putney, causing Notts County's Monnickendam to miss his first stroke. He recovered to catch Haining, sculling in Auriol Kensington colours, by the line of boats, but hooked a crab at Imperial's boathouse and dropped behind by a length. By the Black Buoy Haining had taken off in what was described by onlookers as "his random zigzag" and led from the Embankment to the Milepost by a steady length, rating around 29. This extended to 5 seconds lead at Hammersmith, on choppier water. At Chiswick Eyot Monnickendam fought back again, but was dogged by bladework difficulties, and crabbed again to lag by 8 seconds at the Steps.

By this point, as observers noted, "the water had improved, but Monnickendam was gripping too hard to take advantage". By Barnes Bridge the lead was 15 seconds and Haining increased this slightly to finish in 22.27 to 22:44 by Chiswick Bridge. Umpire Graham Mulcahy confirmed a clean race, and the reconfirmed champion and his opponent went off to the 170th Wingfield Sculls Dinner at the Waterman's Hall, along with a dozen former champions.

(Thanks to James Felt for the information).